Beginning of the first phase of reconstruction of the primary school facility “Vasil Gllavinov”


Mayor of Cair, Mr. Visar Ganiu together with the Minister of Education and Science, Arber Ademi and the director of the primary school “Vasil Gllavinov” Qamuran Kuçi today inspected the start of the construction of the first phase of the reconstruction of the primary school building “Vasil Gllavinov”, which started on December 24, 2018.

Creating better spatial conditions as an essential prerequisite for quality education is our common priority with the Ministry of Education and Science and the school leadership.

The value of the first phase amounts to about 15 million MKD, and it will be reconstructed most of the school building, floors and ceilings will be repaired, and the sanitary nodes will be adjusted.

The Municipality of Cair praises Minister Arber Ademi for his contribution and commitment and we believe that in the future our cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science will result in improvement of the conditions in all other schools of our municipality.

We remain committed to our children to pursue an educational process in environments that stimulate success.

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