Bezisten- This massive and overwhelming object of oriental type is found between the Old Bazaar and it is surrounded by shops on all sides. It is found nearby Cifte amam and Suli an. As time went by, its original function was extended to other businesses and crafts that could be found inside this object today. What is known from the stories and legends is that the present day Bezisten is new, it is not the original one built on that spot. The data on the Bezisten can be found on the inscription above the entrance which is on “Beogradska” street or the gold street, and from there it is clear that today’s Bezisten was built at the same place where the old one used to exist. Bezisten represents typical oriental etnity with the caracteristic of shopping mall, with four entrances, closed during the night hours, surrounded with walls of 2.6 width. 12 individual shops of different types are located within the etnity. Belonged to the wakaf of Ishak Bey.

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