Gasification in Cair


“In January 2019, a gasification tender will be opened, which will include three facilities and will cost 12 million denars”, according to the head of the Municipality of Cair, Visar Ganiu via a video distributed in social network “Facebook”.

“Since the budget for 2019 was also approved, now in January will be opened the tendering procedure, and after the completion of legal procedures will begin its realization. As a project, we have foreseen the gasification of three buildings: the building of the Municipality of Cair, the object of the Municipal Primary School “Ismail Qemali” and the facility of the kindergarten “Borebardha”, says in his video announcement the head of Cair, Ganiu.

According to the projections of the Municipality of Cair, the yearly savings based on this project will reach the value of 3.4 million denars.

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