International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust – 27th of January


In the presence of the Ambassador of the Republic of Israel, His Excellency Mr. Dan Orian. Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo, His Excellency Mr. Gjergj Dedaj, “Mother Theresa” University Rector, Prof.Dr Aziz Pollozhani and the honored professor, Mr. Skender Asani the Mayor of Municipality of Cair, Mr.Visar Ganiu reflected on the period and the notorious Holocaust in order to express the echo of sincere condolences to the victims’ families of that time and to give the humanity’s presidency not to forget it that happened and not to allow the same to happen again.

We as nation remained loyal to the principle that “The Albanian House belongs to the Lord and the guests” and so it exists today in the tradition of our existence, so without any hesitation we made our homes your safe shelter from the wickedness of the sick hearts. For us there were no “foreign” Jews, but only Jewish “guests” of our own people who had to be protected, even with the costs of our lives.

Through such tribes and confession of those who experienced horror of the Holocaust we will educate the younger generation in the spirit of mutual respect. Historical memory for us is just the beginning and not the end of our responsibility. The mission we all have is to preserve the human dignity of every individual and to engage more against racial and religious discrimination.

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