The Mayor of the Municipality of Cair Mr.Ganiu welcomed the world champion of Karate, Enver Idrizi


Mayor of Cair, Mr.Ganiu welcomed today the well-known sportsman, the world champion of karate, Enver Idrizi.

Enver Idrizi, except in the field of sport and the worthy representation of Albanians around the world, is also known for his humanity and his charitable works by helping numerous Albanian families in humanitarian aspects.

Honoring his sports and human activity, the sports gym of the primary school “7 March” we have already named it to “Enver Idrizi” and we hope that from that gym will come also many Olympic and world champions such as Enver Idrizi, Shaban Trstena, Shaban Sejdiu and Aziz Salihu, who will enjoy this population who have learned to revel in the achievements of athletes from Cair.

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