The Mayor of the Municipality of Cair, Visar Ganiu, shares gratitude to Emrush Metallari


In a modest ceremony of honor, in the premises of the Municipality of Cair, the Mayor of of Cair Visar Ganiu, today gave a plaque – gratitude to our fellow citizen, Mr.Emrush Metallari, a guard policeman at the Shutka prison.

Emrush was in the workplace where weeks ago, the 5th room of the first department of Shutka prison was caught by the fire. In this case, Emrush without protective mask showed readiness, selflessness and professionalism in providing help to prisoners in that room, putting his life in danger to help the prisoners.

Thanks to this human action of Emrush and his guard colleagues in the Shutka prison, this event happily ended without casualties.

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