The Mayor Visar Ganiu awarded certificates to the successful realization of practical learning for students


After a month of practical learning realized in the Municipality of Cair that made possible for students to observe the application of accumulated theoretical knowledge in practice, Mayor of the Municipality of Cair Visar Ganiu, together with their mentor Mr.Sc.Driton Kuci gave the certificates for the successful realization of this important segment of qualitative study.

This clearly forwards the message that the doors of the Municipality of Cair are always open to help students on their road to highest academic peaks.

As much as practical teaching serves the students, the same process is also useful for the institution.

The head of the Municipality of Cair also announced that the distinguished student, Alda Beqiri, is employed in the Municipality of Cair,  a step that is made to continue the employment of the young people that are proven in the study process and also raising the quality level of the staff.

After finishing the practical learning, the distinguished student Alda Beqiri is employed in the Municipality of Cair.

Many successes of our students!

The nation’s future depends on you!

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