The Municipality of Cair and “Friends of America” Association distributed rewards for Literary Competition for the essay with topic “USA – OUR FRIENDS AND ALLIES”


Starting from the strategic priority for promoting and stimulating students’ creativity, the Municipality of Cair, together with the “Friends of America” Association from Kosovo, recently published a literary competition for English essay on “USA – our friends and allies “.

In this context, Mayor of Cair Visar Ganiu welcomed the winners of the first three countries and together with the President of the Association “Friends of America” Agim Rexhepi and the donor of this literary project Mr. Isak Islam shared the acknowledgments and bonuses defined in the published competition.

These are the winners of the competition:


First place: KANITA CURRI

  1. IX/1, Primary school “Imri Elezi”, Cair

Winner of the prize of 250 euros



  1. VIII/4, Primary school “LIRIA”, Cair

Winner of the prize of 150 euros


Third place: SEMRA AMZA

  1. IX/1, Primary school “Imri Elezi”, Cair

Winner of the prize of 100 euros


The Mayor, Mr. Ganiu congratulated the winning students for the proven creative potential by saying that through their participation in such literary competitions, they honor their families and their nation.

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