The Municipality of Cair and the City of Mostar signed a memorandum of cooperation


Mayor of the Municipality of Cair, Visar Ganiu, and the Mayor of the City of Mostar, Ljubo Beshliq, signed a memorandum of cooperation between Old Baazars which are the cultural treasures that beautify the two cities.

In his speech, the head of Cair Ganiu thanked the head of the City of Mostar for the hospitality and above all he noted: “As two Balkan countries, it unites us above all in the mission to preserve the authenticity of the Old Bazaar and obviously the need to exchange practices that we apply for the revitalization of our cultural centers and the preservation of old crafts is very imporant.

The Fair(Panair) was announced by the Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denis Czizdic, with whom the delegation from the Municipality of Cair observed together the handicrafts of The Fair and to whom Ganiu gave a plakat of our Nobelist-Mother Teresa.

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