Year Work Report of the Mayor of Municipality of Cair Visar Ganiu


Dear Citizens of Cair,

It became one year from the time when I took your trust to lead our Municipality. Based on the principle of accountability and transparency as the core pillar of the code of ethics of local officials I present to you the report of our one-year work. What was primary to me since the beginning of the mandate was to answer the voice of your requests that were included in the last two pages of the “Contract”, which concerned the improvement of road infrastructure (road pavement and behatonization of sidewalks) , raising the level of public purity, creating green areas and children’s corners.

Wishing to present a report on the work so far in this short term, what has been done in Cair I am emphasizing the actions undertaken by the Municipality of Cair during this year:


  • We asphalted 2,500 m2 of roads under the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Cair, we repaired sidewalks of asphalt material in length of 800 m2 and side repair 500 m;
  • We set up pavement sidewalks in a space of 2500 m2 and a sideboard of 500 m;
  • We received a World Bank grant for the reconstruction of the Old Bazaar and the development of tourism (the unification of shop windows)
  • We applied for the World Bank loan with the project for solar panels of the municipal building and primary schools and kindergartens;
  • In cooperation with the Habitat organization we started the energy efficiency project for collective housing;
  • We completed the projects for the construction of roundabouts at the intersection linking st. Kemal Sejfulla and the Second Macedonian Brigade and at Str. John Kenedy;
  • We created new parks in Field Topana neighborhood and Old Cair with Public Enterprise “Parks and Greenery”;
  • We put urban equipment in new parks (garbage baskets and park seats);
  • The project for the new stadium tribune of K.F. Shkupi we made it part of the UEFA Budget for 2019;
  • We supported the success of young sportsmen by funding their participation in many sports competitions;
  • We created 2 fitness areas in open spaces;
  • We created new bicycle lanes along the boulevard “Second Macedonian Brigade”;
  • We assisted and collaborated in the realization of projects of non-governmental organizations and organizations for the treatment of persons with special needs;
  • We organized concerts for marking important national dates and celebrated the Day of the Alphabets in the presence of the delegation with senior officials from Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia where we presented the ABC symbol in Skenderbeu Square;
  • The pruning of the tree branches and the cutting of dangerous trees on the eve of the collapse of the streets “John Kennedy”, “Macedonian-Kosovo Brigade”, “Second Macedonian Brigade”, “Hristijan Todorovski Karpos”, “Kemal Sejfulla” and the following is the pruning of trees in the Park of Cair. Old trees are turned into artistic works (wooden houses);
  • Commitment of the municipal inspectorate for the removal of illegal retailers from the public spaces where the citizens are circulating;
  • The boulevard in the Bit Pazar area was arranged by setting up a new taxi station, planting trees along the boulevard, setting up piles to prevent car parking on the sidewalks and deploying flower vendors;
  • Designing a new web site in two languages ​​as an efficient mechanism of transparency and communication with citizens. Creating a service “Contact the Municipality” through which citizens can submit their requests.

The year 2019 will be a year of continuity of our dynamic work and fulfillment of these promises:

– Construction of a new kindergarten “Bambi”,

– Construction of the school pool;

– Reconstruction of the Partizan sports gym

– Construction of the municipal library

– Build a new reader

– Construction of garages on floors

– Regulation of one-way traffic in the neighborhoods of Old Cair, Gazi Baba and Field Topane;

– Construction of new roundabouts and other projects

Always in your devoted service to improve your quality of life!

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