Eco manifestation on the importance of ecological selection of waste selection and recycling


In the premises of the Primary School “Ismail Qemali” was organized today eco manifestation on the importance of ecological selection of waste recycling and recycling.

Representative of Cair Municipality, spokesman Kushtrim Alla said in his speech: “When we are facing a serious challenge to preserve the purity of the environment and the quality of the air, the organization of this manifestation is of immense importance of our children, we must cultivate our love for the environment. Our primary focus, both institutionally and above all, should be to address these eco-problems and common commitment to their solution and not just the occurrences of daily politics.”

The Municipality spokesman also thanked the students and teachers for the excellent manifestation they had organized and expressed their gratitude to the Municipal Hygiene Services with which they organized massive clearance actions of the territory of the Municipality of Cair.

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