The St. Spas Church


The St. Spas Church- is found on the plateau of the Old Bazaar opposite Skopje Kale. It was build by the end of the XVII century or in the beginning of the XVIII century, after the devastating fire of 1689 that destroyed Skopje. The Church obtained its present day look in the XIX century when it was renovated on the foundations of the old church. On the upper part it ends with a “snake cross”, and the accompanying icons of Str. Mary and Str. John. This part of the iconoclastic is polished with gold. The artistic value of the iconostasis which contains biblical motives, numerous icons, geographical ornaments, floral motives and so forth, comes from the soft lines, the plasticity of figures, the masterful style and the Baroque style movements. The Str. Spas Church is particularly famous for the fact that in this church rest the remains of Goce Delcev, the Macedonian hero. Belonged to the wakaf of Ishak Bey.

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